Our goal is to make in the most sustainable way that we can. This means many small considerations in our product development and manufacturing. 

Fabric is cut with a plan for re-use and locally made supplies are favoured. We produce ethically, re-use your worn purchase and collaborate with women in our local community.



Together we move toward change. Pursuing a different world with a sustainable system. Our past interwoven into our future. For us, Africa.

Our manifesto speaks of the collective movement toward a more sustainable fashion industry. It suggests collaboration and the reclamation of resources to use for the creation of future fashion. Circularity is what guides us.

Samantha Page founded Evodia in 2011 after completing a BA (Hons) Fashion Design at the, then, London International School of Fashion. Her interests lie in sustainability, and how it impacts fashion and businesses that make fashion. She lecturers fashion design at tertiary academic institutions and lives in Pretoria, South Africa. She's also a self-confessed plantmamma.

Sustainability permeates all parts of life and design.

It's the way forward. 



The summer 2019 collection features relaxed, easy to wear dresses and jumpsuits. We've used local fabrics like Da Gama shweshwe and knits made with cotton sourced in Southern Africa.

 The Tumelo crop top and Mbali cape and are made exclusively from re-used fabric and the we've used recycled PET sequins on the Mbali cape. Each product is accompanied by a life-cycle which can be accessedby scanning the QR code on the swing tag attached to your product at purchase, or from the lifecycles pageWe've also collaborated with local artisans to make home decor items using fabric waste created through our manufacturing. 


Transparency is important to us, so each product is accompanied by a lifecycle that maps the manufacturing journey of your product. It is shaped with Evodia's 'e' and begins with the fabric's origin and shows the local businesses we support in making your product. The lifecycle shows the person who made your product and best care practices. We see our customers as 'users' and encourage you to partake in our take-back system and return your clothing purchased from the seasonal collections once they are beyond repair but still use-able. Returning your item, via our takeback system, will conclude the first lifecycle and allows for this return to be used again in another product.


A takeback system allows for consumer sold goods to be returned to their originating producer to be recycled/re-used.


To get the highest value out of the resources that go into making our products, we’ve considered the lifespan of the contributing materials, and have developed products that use the materials from which our seasonal collections are made. These materials are from the Evodia clothing that you return to us via our takeback system, and waste generated through manufacturing of our products. 


In an effort to achieve circularity for the resources that we use, we are looking for eventual recycling or use, for fabric waste that we can't use.


Return your purchase when the item is beyond repair in its initial form. You may also consider over-dying for fading and dying to mask stains.


Received take-back items are assessed for best second-life feasibility. This means deciding on how to re-use the item while doing as little alteration as possible to create a beautiful new product. 


Take back items are improved according to this hierarchy:​

1.     Clean & re-sell as a pre-loved garment

2.     Disassemble and create a new second-life one-off product

It's best to keep clothing circulating in the fashion system for as long as possible as the most sustainable option is whats already in our wardrobes

The take back process:

To apply to return your purchase, complete the Takeback form below. We will contact you to determine your reason for the take back. Should the take back be agreeable, shipping instructions will be given and our responsible customer rewarded with a discount to use towards their next purchase.