This collaboration was born out of the need for a solution for the waste generated through the manufacture of our seasonal collections. An equally important aspect is the employment created for artisans in our local community.

The motivation for the products made through this collaboration also lies in the need to shift the perception of what re-use could be, and the need to adopt more sustainable choices in our purchasing and lifestyles. 

 Currently, we create 2-3% of textile waste that is unused through manufacturing. Our cutting strategies favor using the biggest pieces first, proceeding to cutting and using smaller off-cuts.   

As Evodia is manufactured in Pretoria, all our collaborating artisans are local to the area. At the moment, we are exploring home decor products made using craft techniques like crochet, sewing and weaving.

In the future, we'll collaborate with local designers and use their waste in these products to help them towards more sustainable practices.

Are you a skilled artisan and interested in collaborating? Connect